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Innovative Practices


- Leapstart


NASPE standard structured  sports curriculum designed in partnership with SPARK

(Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids), a US-based research and public health


Researched and customised curriculum | 4,000+ activities| Internationally Certified

Trainers| Low Trainer Student Ratio| Personal equipment for each student |

Sports Report Card at regular intervals.


- Eureka

  • Develops scientific temperament and strengthens the curricular concepts for grades 3-8
  • Improves observational skills and develops analytical thinking
  • 16 grade specific take-away Science Exploratory kits and Learner's Handout for each child
  • Experiential Learning through practical approach


- AssessEd

AssessEd is a platform that aims at redefining the way we conduct student assessments.

Each question has been crafted by subject matter experts and tagged to various difficulty levels.

The correction process is simplified with the help of pre-loaded solutions and a score

management system.

Both Parents and Teachers can gain from the reports, as it tracks individual and class

progress, pinpointing exact areas that needs to be addressed and that can be further excelled in.

Health Check-up

In collaboration with   Global Hospital, Rohtak periodic Health Check-up camps for students

shall be scheduled  including basic Dental, Eye and Pediatric consultation.

Reports shall be provided to the parents.